The Garrett metal detectors

The Garrett metal detectors

I have read an article recently about the American Garrett family. Their company has been a leader in the sports and security metal detectors manufacturing industry for over 5 decades. Unfortunately, Mr. Garrett has passed away a couple of years ago. Since then his wife has been in full control. The company is constantly growing from year to year.

A fun fact is that they were the one supporting the organizers of the 2010 World Cup in Africa with built-in and hand-held metal detectors at the entrances of the stadiums. This is quite something in my opinion.

one of garrett's best detectors

The family and their company have appeared in major newspapers several times due to their past and recent achievements. Ms. Garrett claims customer satisfaction to be their number one priority. She thinks that a satisfied customer is worth a thousand times more than a marketing campaign. She may be right given the fact that they have been successful for over half a century.

Why am I writing about all this? Because I am thinking about buying one of their detectors. I am proud to be American and I want to support a company making their products here in the US, providing jobs to Americans. Certainly, the idea of buying a metal detector has long been planted in my mind. However, after reading this article I have decided to take action and to go for one of Garrett’s metal detectors and not another company’s.

I still haven’t decided which one of their models I am going to opt in for but I will most probably choose one of their high-end detectors. I know I am a beginner when it comes to metal hunting but I want to be assured, it is not because of the device if I fail to find any treasure.

There is this website where you can read reviews of various metal detector brands and models:

I will let you know about which model I picked and what my first impressions are.

Stay tuned!